Rhizome combines craftful playing with an innovative, contemporary sensibility.
A beautiful ride for fans of Rachels and The Necks”. 
Nils Frahm

 sees Rosenbaum take a firm stand for musical abstraction, delivering a sprawling and captivating epic of an EP. The traces of Roedelius, 0PN, Deleuze and Feldman repeatedly shine through and give us much to be excited about when it comes to this man’s compositions”.
Red Bull Music Academy

“Absorbing all forms of music as if he were a black hole in space”.
All About Jazz

“With elegant sound and meticulously crafted songs, August Rosenbaum creates a remarkable debut record.”
Zeena Parkins

“This is a very strong recording. Beholder is filled with passionate minimalism, haiku. The songs seem to form and then reform simultaneously”.
Jason Moran