Born into a family of artists in Copenhagen, August Rosenbaum was the only kid in elementary school who would perform Thelonious Monk, Wu Tang Clan and Erik Satie at school recitals – with equal conviction. But then again, there has always been several sides to the talent of this Danish piano prodigy.

Now in his mid twenties, Rosenbaum is one of the most sought after minds in modern Danish music. He has won Danish Music Awards for his solo projects, performed at the acclaimed Sónar Festival, and in 2014 his new album “Heights” was shortlisted for the Nordic Music Prize, the National Danish Critics’ Award, the National Publishers’ Prize and Composer of the year at the Danish Jazz Music Awards.

Rosenbaum’s music melds the identifiable and pristine with the world of concrete sound; always experimenting with form and format. This diversity is also reflected in his range of collaborators, from artists such as Quadron, Rhye and Robin Hannibal to the abstractions of Zeena Parkins, video artist Jesper Just, Nils Frahm and Swedish avant-garde pioneer Sven-Åke Johansson.

Rosenbaum’s work has been commissioned for film, theatre and performance –
browse the site for a detailed view of his work.

“Absorbing all forms of music
as if he were a black hole in space”

Mark Corroto, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Last updated October 2014